I Love the Traveling Christ

I saw Christ
in Wiesbaden.

I saw Christ
eating a hot dog
in New York.

I saw Christ
on a Berkeley street.

I saw Christ
disrupting the stoning of a woman
in Tehran.

I saw Christ
in a Detroit gutter.

I saw Christ
bleeding in a no-fire zone
in Sri Lanka.

I saw Christ
teaching the children
in Burundi.

I saw Christ
feeding the starving
in Chad.

I saw Christ
standing with a man
before the tanks in Tiananmen Square.

I saw Christ
begging for food
in the slums of Zimbabwe.

I love the traveling Christ
who has no place to lay His head.
I love the traveling Christ
with no street address.




Raymond Keen - Psychologist, Poet, Playwright

Raymond’s interest in literature began in the 5th grade at Carlile Elementary School in Pueblo, CO, with the reading and book report on Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne. His interest in poetry began in college, with the tragedies of Shakespeare, and his introduction to the writing of Samuel Beckett. He was well instructed that dramas and novels can be just as poetic as poetry itself. He learned that poetry is the quickest, fullest and best way to express the truth with our fragile yet wondrous gift of language.  More about Raymond...

Love Poems for Cannibals Book CoverLove Poems for Cannibals is the author’s first volume of poetry.

Raymond Keen’s collection of contemporary poetry, Love Poems for Cannibals, expresses the thoughts, feelings, quandaries and wonder of an American poet very much alive to the darkness and light of the 21st century.  Read more. . .


The content of Raymond’s poetry ranges boldly from the Vietnam War and Osama bin Laden to spiritual reflection and the encounter with hypocrisy in the everyday life of Americans. Readers interested in current cultural, social, political and literary issues will find his work dark, provocative, enlightening and deeply compelling. Written to stir the imagination, this powerful collection is sure to raise many questions as well as entertain.  Here are selected poems, one from each of the eight sections of Love Poems for Cannibals . . .




Preview of The Private and Public Life of King Able

In Raymond Keen’s drama, The Private and Public Life of King Able, we are introduced to a man and king no better or worse that the rest of us.  He is a king about to learn some hard lessons from a silent and sinister enemy.  But is it too late? . . .
Find out more about this new play. . .


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